I write for money. I'm broke a lot.

Also? Colin Firth could get it.

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Blogger meme

Name: Claudia

Height: Five feet. Even. Short people use less oxygen.

Eye Color: Brown

Birthday: 2 days before Jesus

Favorite color: Pink

Best school subject(s): English and science

Mac or PC: Mac

Current shirt color: Black

Gamer?: Yes. God yes. But also a mom so no, not lately.

Day or night: Both. I’m a bushy-tailed morning person and also a night person. I hate that my body requires sleep.

Celebrity crush: Colin Firth. But it’s more hardcore obsession than crush.

Coffee?: Yes. In every incarnation and always. I like my coffee like I like my sex. SHUT UP AND GIVE IT TO ME!

Favorite Food: Ham croquettes. The heart wants what it wants.

  1. northside-pie said: Logan’s birthday is two days AFTER Jesus. All of you together must make some kind of holy trinity, for sure. Also, I think that’s how I will explain his birthday from now on.
  2. stereoforbrains said: High-five for Mac, shorty (I always forget how short you are).
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