I write for money. I'm broke a lot.

Also? Colin Firth could get it.

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Tumblr stuff

  • I don’t get people who follow me but never EVER heart any of my shit. But I see them consistently heart other people’s shit. And it’s not about needing validation. But just, like, tap tap is this thing on?
  • In general, vapid self-absorption and rampant “look at me I’m too cool for school” childish behavior doesn’t faze me. But if I know that you’re capable of more and are just being lazy, it irritates the ever-living-jeebus out of me. Tumblr meet my mom chip. Mom chip, Tumblr.
  • I’m super excited to move closer to some of you! I’ll be the one wearing the puffy parka in the middle of August.
  • HI RYAN!! HI! HI!

  1. divergent-one said: I get this.